Blue Telecommunications

We build on our experience and established infrastructure, and are proud to introduce our Blue Telecommunications service offering to you. The BlueAirfibre is new in Namibia and allows users to experience fiber like connections where no physical fiber is in place. We achieve this through our Carrier Class Microwave Broadband network to offer guaranteed throughput to end users, for any industry as well as home users.

Our services include V-Sat systems, surveillance and access control solutions as well as extensive two-way radio systems.

 More information and pricing can be found in this Blue Product Brochure

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Blue Air-Fibre

high speed wireless broadband at your fingertips

Our BlueAirfibre microwave solution allows us to offer a high speed broadband connection to the larger outskirts of towns. Speeds of up to 200Mbps can be obtained through our BlueAirfibre network.

The current coverage area includes the larger Windhoek area and the central coastal region. This includes Brackwater, Daan Viljoen, Seeis, Dordabis, Arandis, Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Rossmund and Nonidas.


affordable broadband via V-Sat

With our own V-Sat packages we can offer a robust broadband solution in remote locations.

The coverage is all over  Namibia. From Oranjemnund to Katima Mulilo we can provide you with internet and voice communication.


Two-Way Blue

still the most cost effective voice communication

License Free Radios: License free radios do not require a spectrum license. They offer the most cost effective communication and with a range of up to 8km, they are ideal for on premises communications, camping, hunting or at the beach. We supply a number of license free radios like the Motorola TLKR.

Analogue Radios: Traditional two-way radios offered only analogue communication.  We still supply and service a wide range of analogue radios.We have numerous VHF analogue community repeaters on strategic high-sites and rent out repeater capacity on a per user basis.

Our analogue communicty repetears provide local coverage in: Windhoek, Brackwater, Khomas Hochland, Grootberg, Rossing, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.


Digital Radios: Digital radios offer a significant improvement over analogue radios. Not only has the coverage improved, but digital radios also offer crystal clear voice communication as well as encryption. Digital Radios can roam across various repeater sites, allowing seamless communication. Radio Electronic operates a digital VHF network throughout its high sites. Through this we are able to offer an independent wide area and reliable voice commutation platform. Our customers include emergency services, private communities, security organizations, government and private companies.

 The coverage of the digital VHF linked repeater network currently includes the  larger area of:

  • Central Namibia: Dordabis, Seeis, Windhoek and Brackwater,
  • Central Coast: Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Arandis and Henties Bay.